About IRC India

India’s largest team of independently owned, global specialist trade credit insurance brokerages


Established in 2010, as India’s First Monoline USA-India JV Broking company.


Highest trade credit insurance expertise in the country - Only Broker with prior experience as Reinsurance underwriter, Direct insurance underwriter of Market leaders in Trade credit insurance business.

Local Knowledge

Pool of highly qualified professionals representing each segment of Insurance business.

Global Reach

Access to top of the line underwriting expertise in USA, LatAM, Europe, Middle East and Asia

IRC India Risk Management Services Private Limited,

  • Established in April 2010
  • To support the development and growth of Receivable Management best practices along with Trade Credit Insurance products in India.
  • Provides global technical knowledge and risk management best practices due to the Technology and technical outsourcing agreements with large multinational brokers in India and abroad with the likes of International Credit Broker Alliance (www.icba-online.com)




  • Intensive experience of setting up Receivable management department from scratch for many mid and small corporates.
  • Set up a completely new Trade Credit business vertical within an insurance company
  • Extensive experience of training people in sales, limit underwriting and commercial underwriting of various Global Credit insurance companies.
  • Have a technology platform to support complete credit management operations of multiple countries, multiple locations and multiple division structures.




  • Pioneers in risk management and consultancy business
  • Experience of more than 20 years
  • Represent the only set of professionals in India who have extensive hands-on-experience of
    • Global credit insurance and
    • Re-insurance underwriting principles and practices.
  • Constantly upgrading their knowledge base through its global association with
    • Underwriters,
    • Business information providers and
    • Best of the recovery agencies around the globe.

Our expertise is for you – to make sure that you have the right policy structure, the right cost and the insurer to suit your particular requirements:

  •  Unbeatable stability, due to company ownership (no change of partners all the time)
  •  An innovative, tailored set of IT tools, dedicated to Clients
  •  Global presence with local knowledge and service
  •  Excellent relationships with the top credit insurers
  •  Communications and policy management is our key to success

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IRC India Products

Trade Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance protects companies against losses caused by non-payment of enforceable domestic or foreign accounts receivable obligations.


Unique online software platform designed and developed to help our clients manage their Trade Credit Insurance policy, with continuous input and

Debt Collection Service

We can help you in getting debt collection services through our partners worldwide which will allow you resolve late payment issues.

Political Risk Insurance

It is a broad type of insurance that includes coverage for a company’s exposures overseas as well as contracts with foreign governments.

Surety and Bonding

Surety compensates a beneficiary if a contractual, legal or regulatory obligation is not met. Surety is off-balance sheet which facilitates contractors to keep their borrowing or working capital facilities with their existing bankers unrestricted.

Performance Guarantee:

The performance guarantee is tailor made according to the contract clauses and actual risk milestones. The structuring of performance guarantee will start with contract wordings and will take comprehensive financial and operational evaluation to arrive at the final structure of guarantee.

Receivable Financing:

Through our “non-recourse”, “non-collateral” and very effective interest rate structures of receivable financing program which not only bridge the working capital gap but also makes the balance sheet highly efficient as this facility does not appear as a “loan” but as a “sale of receivables”. (offered through our associate company)

Credit Management Agency for Insurance companies:

As country’s first India Specific CMA we offer end-to-end solutions to insurance companies to write Trade Credit, Surety and Guarantee business. Our service backbone is a robust state of the art software which can produce “on-line” “real-time” Commercial underwriting and Risk underwriting support to facilitate quick decision making. We are the only company in India whose CMA services are recognized and approved by top reinsurance companies of the world. (offered through our associate company)

Business information reports:

Timely and accurate market information is the key to any sales decision and we are experts in doing just that. We provide market information on almost all the industries due to our extensive hands-on experience working with industries ranging from Gems and Jewellery, Agriculture, Chemicals and Media (where gathering information is considered to be a challenge) to Information Technology, Consumer goods, Pharmaceuticals, Metals, Infrastructure and conventional industries. We are also highly active with new age companies in IOT, OTT, SAS business along with various “platforms” offering host of products. (offered through our associate company)


  1. Problem Analysis

  2. Data Analysis

  3. Insurer Analysis

  4. Program Initiation

IRC India Team

Suresh Khairwar
Principal Officer and Managing Director
Anjani Khairwar
Partner-Director-CFO Finance
Rahul Thakker
Partner and CEO
Rohit Lakhanpal
Director Sales
Shailesh Ratnaparkhi
Compliance & Techno Marketing Officer
Shivaji Narvekar
Insurance Consultant
Smitha Nair
Sr. GM Key Account
Ajay Raisinghani
IT Head
Arun Lad
Sr. Manager Administration & Compliance
Sushant Kerkar
Sr. Account Manager
Swarupa Shirsat
Account Manager


Connect with IRC India

  • IRC India currently has 70 offices in 40 countries on five continents. IRC India partners combine local service and expertise with global coordination to provide trade, credit and political risk insurance solutions for multinational companies.
  • Serving over 8,000 clients, including 300 multinationals, IRC India brokers are a global network of entrepreneurs. With the support of the IRC India team, IRC India partners act effectively and collaboratively to provide trade credit and political risk insurance solutions to companies conducting business in the international marketplace.